Recorder Karate

Congratulations to all students who earned their Black Belt!  In celebration, we will be having a pizza party in the field house during your lunch time (come down right after recess) on Thursday, March 27th!

Hello Recorder Karate Students!  Below, you will find all of the karate test music with the colored belt it represents.

Recorder Karate Level 1 white belt

Recorder Karate Level 2 Yellow Belt

Recorder karate Level 3 Orange Belt

Recorder Karate Level 4 Green Belt

Recorder Karate Level 5 Purple Belt

Recorder Karate level 6 Blue Belt

Recorder Karate Level 7 Red Belt

Recorder Karate Level 8 Brown Belt

Recorder Karate Level 9 Black Belt

Recorder Masterclass Music

East of the River Recorder music

  1. mrs.a is the best music teacher ever.

  2. Music’s the best!!!!!👀💖🎼🎵🎶 – Hailey w

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